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  • January Birthstones from Chamilia

    January is officially upon us and if you have a special birthday on the horizon then we have the perfect collection just for you. Featuring deep red crystals, faceted beautifully to create sheer fire and sparkle, these charms will look beautiful on any self-made Chamilia Charm Bracelet.

    0002104_julywheel-ruby-by-chamilia_229 2025-0661_0936001-335170

    These Chamilia January birthstone charms also work as great fits for mothers who wish to record their children’s birth months in an original way. The sheer sparkle that emulates from each one will not go unnoticed and you'll have a keepsake to treasure for years.

    January is also a wonderful time for fresh starts. Once New Year is out of the way, we can all look forward to putting in place the resolutions we’ve planned. Whether we’re hoping to get out more and travel in the new year, looking to improve our health or simply spend more time with the family; January is the perfect time to put the wheels in motion. As a reminder of your New Year resolutions, we suggest that either of these charms would be the perfect prompt - for those of you who need a little encouragement this year.

    Discover these gems and more, today, in our collection of Chamilia Jewellery.


  • Disney Chamilia

    Delve into our Chamilia Disney collection, featuring all of the familiar characters we’ve come to know and love over the years. Each charm makes the perfect gift to give that special someone in your life, whether they’re a sibling, grandchild, daughter or mother, find the perfect Disney Character for them today.

    Who doesn’t remember the honey-loving Winnie the Pooh and his flurry of friends? We have many charms depicting A.A. Milne's creations, including a rather special Eeyore with a 14ct bow on his tail!

    DIS-4_0939003-335257 DIS-5_0939004-335258 DIS-7-332568 DIS-8_0939006-335259 DIS-205_0939014-335265 DIS-301_0939015-335266
    If you’re a fan of the big Disney films, you’re going to love our Disney film creations including, Nemo, Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, Thumper, Lucky the Dalmatian and even Tinkerbell.
    DIS-10_0939007-335260 DIS-19_0939008-335261 DIS-23_0939010-335263 DIS-31-332552 DIS-106-332500

    However, if classic Disney is more your thing then you’ll love our charms featuring Micky, Minnie and Donald Duck.

    DIS-23_0939009-335262 DIS-2_0939002-335256 DIS-101_0939012-335264 Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Head-Bead-i1140163W240

  • Show your Spiritual Side with Daisy London Jewellery

    Discover an enlightened collection of spiritual jewellery hidden within our Daisy London Jewellery Collection.

    The pieces within this collection will mean something different to everyone while some of you may see the benefits of owning a Chakra bracelet and how the precious stones work with your internal energies, others may find solace in spiritual symbols depicting The Buddha, Hamsa Hand, doves, peace or the elegance of butterflies. We each find our own peace in our own special way and what better way than to cherish those symbols with a piece of beautiful jewellery.

    Daisy London has a particular skill in crafting exquisite jewellery for all of us to enjoy. They understand that we all take pride in our own spiritual paths and believe in the significance that these symbols represent to us.

    All of the pieces in our Daisy London collection benefit from high-quality sterling silver, with many pieces plated in yellow and rose gold, providing you with a range of jewellery to choose from that compliments your current collection. Discover them all and show your spiritual side with our collection of Daisy London Jewellery.


    chkbr4014 BRCHK1002_0675002-326238_1  kbr3011

  • Chrysalis Jewellery at Hazel and Kent


    Hazel and Kent would like to welcome you to discover our Chrysalis Jewellery Collection, featuring endearing designs suitable for any ethereal creature looking to inject some delicate colour and intricate jewellery into her collection.
    Many of the designs featured in our Chrysalis collection benefit from precious stones including, rose quartz, amazonite, amethyst, black onyx, cloudy quartz, prehnite and chalcedony to choose from. It is said that many of these semi-precious stones have special qualities to help aid in certain areas of your life.
    The key concept with Chrysalis jewellery is that you can create your own jewellery using the wide variety of charms and pendants, which enables you to have a piece a jewellery to go with every outfit! So take a look at the interchangeable collection of Chrysalis Jewellery today and sparkle in the delicate beauty of it all.

    lg-CRNM38SILV08-40_1501021-341781 lg-CRB0048CUTCQ_1504007-341737 lg-CRBH0004PR_1502012-341806 lg-CRNM39SILV24-40_1501018-341796lg-CRC0300CUTRO_1505007-341758lg-CRNM38SILV03-40_1501022-341788

  • Chamilia Jewellery at Hazel and Kent

    Let your story be told with our illustrious display of Chamilia Jewellery. Each piece has been exquisitely crafted to a high standard, incorporating a wide variety of sparkling cubic zirconias, enamel and Murano glass.

    Chamilia provides you with an outlet to show off your creative self-expression. The wide spectrum of charms and beads are available in various designs, providing you with a world of possibilities through colour, pattern, texture and design. You can also add accent colours and mix and match to your heart’s content; the design is entirely up to you.

    If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, Chamilia Jewellery is a personal gift and one she’ll love. Simply choose a Chamilia starter bracelet and choose a charm that best represents your relationship, whether it was love at first sight, though a hobby or while on holiday, you’ll find a wealth of Chamilia charms and beads to suit your precious friend or partnership.

    Below, we’ve hand-selected a few of our favourite Chamilia designs to welcome you to the collection.

    Also, because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve included the Breast Cancer Awareness Chamilia Charm for you to show your support with and help spread the word.


    1012-0109_0930114-335119 KE-4_0934004-335169 GC-8_0933040-335146 2025-0752_0936061-335208 JA-1A_0936073-335218 DIS-503_0939017-335268 GA-54_0933051-336215 GA-136-332539 2116-0083-332554

  • 10% Off Scarves and 20% Off Sunglasses

    Here at Hazel and Kent, we’re flashing a 10% discount off all of our scarves and 20% off all of our sunglasses. So if you’ve been eyeing up a specific pair of shades, or you’re feeling the chill already and are in need of a new scarf, we have everything you could possibly need right here.

    Below, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite designs to welcome you to the collection and show you what we have to offer. And don’t forget to act now, this discount won’t be available forever and neither will the products!

    lg-623024-450_3314066-347023 lg-612721-950_3314069-347221lg-623002-260_3314059-347016 DY4053-338271_3281027-322088_1DD8032_502-73_3272010-322035_1DS0132-CEE-66SH_3255015-322054_1

  • Free Gift With Purchase


    At Hazel and Kent, we’re giving you the chance to receive a FREE Gift with any purchase over £100. So if you’re planning on treating yourself to a little something, you could receive either a pair of beautiful heart earrings, set in sterling silver and benefitting from sparkling pink cubic zirconias stones, or a necklace of the same design. Also, for anyone spending over £150 on our website, we will be giving you the choice of an Earring and Necklace Gift Set or a Sekonda Watch.

    So what are you waiting for? Have a browse and discover the vast collection of items we have available at Hazel and Kent.

  • The Final Touches For A Dapper Gent

    cufflinks the jewel hut and guys that match them valentines day

    Are you a dapper Dan looking to sharpen up this summer? Perhaps you have wedding coming up and you’re out to impress the bridesmaids? Well, we have the ideal accessory to add that masculine edge of sophistication that everyone will notice; Bring out the cufflinks.

    Cufflinks have recently had a revival amongst contemporary gents who are looking for a unique and authentic look, for something that separates the men from the boys. Cufflinks are a great way to add colour, detail and even texture to an outfit without much effort at all.

    Above, we’ve sourced some great cufflinks and paired them to a range of ‘looks’, shall we say, to show you how well they go together and how you can find the perfect pair to complement your personal style. Click the images below to discover more.

    V380_0881026-327272_1 lg-QC-150_0680014-348275 lg-SMA0047_1309391-327966 lg-QC-116_0680011-344453

  • Graduation Gift Ideas

    Are you graduating with flying colours this year? How about giving a firm nudge to your elders in a bid to remind them about Graduation gifts? At Hazel and Kent, we have a great collection of items that make perfect graduation gifts, especially within our watch collection.

    Watches are the perfect choice for graduates; they have a real professional air about them – particularly when you’re heading for a job interview. But which one should you go for? Bold and creative? Smart and sleek? It all depends on you and the role you’re going into.

    Below, we have some great options to help you decide. To view more info on each one simply click the images, or take a look at our collection of watches to find the perfect gift.




  • School's Out for Summer

    Schools out for summer and we all love to treat the little ones, whether it’s an ice-cream down the local park or taking them on a trip to Disney Land – we just love to spoil them rotten!

    So, in light of the summer holidays and all the summer babies out there whose birthdays may be coming up, we have some fantastic gift ideas for you to discover in our Kit Heath Kids Collection.

    Below, we have put together a collection of jewellery from our collection. Each piece has been made from top quality sterling silver and features some of the most endearing designs that your child’s going to love.

    To discover more simply click the images below.

    lg-99005WE002_0906003-329685 lg-99111PK011_0906015-338646 lg-99122SWR12_0906018-342043 lg-79110YE011_0907009-338660 lg-39112PK011_0905016-338637 lg-40284HP011_0812118-339033

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